Sponsor A Girl


Dear Sponsor,

Being a girl is hard work but being a teenage girl is even harder! With a society that continues to place the value of women in her external features, more and more teenagers are losing the idea that “true beauty comes from within.” What if girls knew how valuable they really are? What if girls had the opportunity to interact with great role models and leaders that could show them their gifts, talents and dreams are not a waste!

As the founder, I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of girls across the world, addressing this particular issue. Worth It! will be a conference where girls will take away valuable information that they can hold on to for a lifetime.  This conference will provide girls ages 12-18 access to sessions covering College & Career Readiness, Financial Fitness, Health & Wellness, and Personal & Self-Development. 

We appreciate your contribution and are humbled by your selection to commit your funds to this life changing event.  Your contribution is vital to the success of our mission and we thank you for your willingness to  be part of the change for girls in the community.  It costs our organization $50 to host just one girl, and your donation allows one additional girl to learn about understanding her worth. On behalf of the PBY Inc. team I thank you.


Feyi Odukoya                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Executive Director | Founder