Breaking Diamonds: The Pressure to be Perfect
"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem" are the wise words from Lauryn Hill's hit "DooWop." In this session we will talk about diamonds being made under pressure, which is every day stresses and life, but adding pressure from others can literally break the greatness that is already being created. We will identify how coal is associated with negative things but that great things come from coal like fire and diamonds, how you decide to use it or become it is up to you, not others pressures on you.

Let's Get Fiscal
Everyone wants to be wealthy but do you know what it takes to get there? This workshop will teach you the first steps you need to take to generate wealth: Budgeting!

College Daze

College Dayz  
What's it like to attend college, be away from home on a campus with no supervision? Can you go to school for free? Join in on the workshop as we discuss everything you need to know about college.


Boss Babes

We all want to be bosses but do you know what it takes? Hear from women thriving in their careers and learn tips, strategies and more to put you on a path to success.